West Coast 2019

Short afternoon trip on 06. September 2019

Not at West Coast, just oposite the house, there are nice spring flowers. Also in my garden I found some!

Huge fields between the R27 and Yzerfontein, we sah full of nice flowers. Unfortunately we was a little late, so the flowers gone slowly in the evening mode, close there leaves. 

Allways this unknown trees... maybee one of my friends knows the korrect name. This pics are made in Darling.

Just by the small harbour from Yzerfontein there is a small island. Sometimes there are seals on it. Autside on sea, there is Dassie island, with only one building, the lighthouse. In that moment who I did the picture, a ship from he Coast Guard was on his control trip. 

Yzerfontein is a nice doorpie, most of the houses are weekend  or holiday houses. So the population is werry much different at sommer and at winter time. My girl friend must also get a part of landscape ...

When we was driven back home, we passed Atlantis. Along the street there was a lot of busy people. Street kitchens and stores as a supermarket...

All pics are done with the Canon Power Shot SX620HS